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   Do you find yourself reliving past painful experiences, feeling stuck and unable to break free? Or maybe you often feel your body uncomfortably responding to every little thing and your not sure why. Do you try to avoid memories, people, places, and discussions that remind you of your painful past experiences in order to escape the thoughts and feelings that always seem to come up for you? You wonder if you will ever be “normal” like everyone else, or if this is simply the fate you must live with? Maybe your family members and friends tell you to just get over it, but you can’t seem to be able to do that. If you feel stuck we can help!

   What is trauma? It is not necessarily an event, rather the way in which our bodies and brains respond to events. Oftentimes our brains need help getting “unstuck”. At Life Transformation Counseling our clinicians are trained in advanced evidence-based therapies that help the brain heal from the damaging effects of trauma. We specialize in treating both single incident trauma, complex, and advanced trauma.

   Many people who can’t recall ever having experienced a traumatic event don’t understand why they struggle with overwhelming symptoms that seem to be rooted in trauma. The truth is, single events are not the only source of trauma. Developmental trauma is prevalent and affects many people unknowingly. Our clinicians are trained to help uncover and identify the source of symptoms so that our clients can heal and move forward in their lives with freedom.

   Maybe you’ve been suffering for a long time, wondering if healing and change are even possible. You do not have to live with the flashbacks, nightmares, anxieties, overwhelming sadness, intrusive thoughts, and physiological symptoms that seem unbearable. You can be free!


Advanced Trauma-focused therapies utilized at LTC:

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART):

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), commonly referred to as ART therapy, is a therapy that utilizes rapid eye movements to process past traumas and the painful symptoms, both physical and emotional, attached to them. It is a brief therapy that typically takes between 1-5 sessions to achieve change. Painful memories and images are processed and replaced, enabling the brain to properly store them, thus resulting in the elimination of symptoms. It is often difficult to talk about painful experiences. With ART you only have to share what you feel comfortable sharing, without jeopardizing healing and change. 

Brainspotting Therapy (BSP) :

Brainspotting (BSP) is an integrative brain/body therapy approach used to help individuals recognize, process and release trauma, pain, dissociation and other symptoms of an overwhelmed nervous system such as anxiety. The goal of a brainspotting session is to bypass the neocortical or "thinking brain" to access the deeper part of the brain where trauma is kept. Brainspotting harnesses the brain’s self-scanning and self-healing ability by way of relational and neurobiological attunement. 

BSP is typically integrated into traditional counseling sessions utilizing various therapy modalities. Once a brainspot is found, focused mindfulness is used to notice what thoughts, feelings and physical sensations come up for the client to aid in processing the issue that they would like to address. Often, bilateral stimulation is used in the form of music to assist in the process. This helps to activate both hemispheres of the brain and can also be a calming experience. The music is typically nature sounds or soothing music that is listened to with headphones as it transitions from louder to softer switching between ears.

Healing and overcoming trauma IS possible!


Through psychotherapy and focused mindfulness, with tools such as ART and Brainspotting (BSP) we can discover what is impacting you and you can heal from it. You can learn how to regulate your mind and your body in healthy ways and learn how to overcome the responses that your nervous systems have developed. When this happens, you are free to move forward without the negative impact that those situations once had on you! Healing can be yours... CALL TODAY!


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