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An Individual Intensive is an extended therapeutic session focused on both deep emotional and psychological healing, and the development of tools that can be utilized every day for healthier living. For individuals ready to work toward their goals and put in the intentional effort, these sessions result in significant healing and change.


During an individual intensive, evidence-based modalities are utilized including Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and Brainspotting (BSP). Through intensives, clients can develop stronger coping skills, improve communication styles, heal from trauma and other emotional distress, build confidence, and become the best version of themselves. You and your therapist will develop a personalized approach based on your own goals and therapeutic needs.


Advantages or Benefits? 

  • Go deeper: Advanced trauma care

  • Gain more healing and accomplish more in a shorter amount of time  Gain greater tools to support your personal growth

  • Experience less travel time and less frequent sessions

  • Less time interrupting your day to day life

  • Make big changes in your life and gain sustainable momentum  


THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU:  You actively have thoughts, a plan, and a way to carry out a plan to harm yourself or others. (Please call 911 immediately if this is the case).-Have self-medication issues (drugs/alcohol use) that would impair your ability to give your attention during the intensive.-You are unwilling to open your mind and heart to take a different look at yourself.


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