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Alyssa has longed to help people since she was a little girl. As she got older and experienced her own trauma, she made it her mission to support her clients like she would have liked to have been in her time of need. She looks forward to seeing all the positive and maybe even shocking results that healing can bring for you!




Phone(813) 575-8199

$75 per 50min

Alyssa Fiorella

Master's Level Mental Health Counselor Intern

Alyssa is a Master Level Counseling Intern. She is currently in the last year of her Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program at Nova Southeastern University. She previously obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a Minor in Criminology and she is a member of the Psi Chi Honors Society. She is described by others as kind and welcoming! She is passionate about providing her clients with genuine support, encouragement, and empowerment while on their path to healing.

She enjoys working with children, parents, and individuals who have experienced anxiety, various traumas, and/or ongoing stress. Her personal experience with overcoming trauma and raising a son with ADHD and on the Autism Spectrum motivates her desire to assist other individuals and families experiencing similar situations. She has a deep understanding of the difficulties behind parenting and offers tools to help ease feelings of being overwhelmed and battling guilt. Additionally, she is aware of the many unique challenges that neurodivergent or anxious children face and likes to use creative exercises to teach them coping skills.  

She also has experience with counseling domestic violence survivors, and those battling anxiety, addiction, depression, and chronic stress. She utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Family Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychotherapy, and Feminist Therapy.


She often takes a psychoeducational approach which helps to provide clients with information and skills necessary to understand and take care of their mental health, learn healthier ways to manage stress, and help clients identify and change negative thought patterns and harmful beliefs. For families, it is her ultimate goal to help parents and children manage behavioral issues and/or other mental health concerns in order to create a more cohesive family unit, including healthier communication between children and parents and comfort for all within the home.  

Alyssa looks forward to meeting you and offering you (and/or your child/family) a safe space to share your worries, challenges, mistakes, goals, strengths, weaknesses, joys, and success… without judgment!


Certification & Education:

Masters in Mental Health Counseling (currently completing internship hours)

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Minor in Criminology

Client Focus:

Children (6+)



Boundary Setting
Coping Skills

Family Conflict
Healthy Relationships

Parent-Child Relationships

School Issues
Stress Management

Women’s Issues"


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