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Marriage counseling wesley chapel


Pre-marital,  Marital, and Relationship Counseling


   Even when people get along really well, stress and daily life can cause conflicts that seem difficult or even impossible to resolve. Relationship counseling can help people in these tough situations to work through their problems, move beyond them, and be better partners overall. Relationship and Marital counseling can help you become a better communicator, develop strong relationship skills, and improve your overall happiness. to help create and maintain greater love and health in relationships.

   All of our therapists at Life Transformation Counseling are highly skilled and trained in both relationship, pre-marital, and marital counseling. We believe in healthy relationships at all levels of commitment and strive to walk-alongside each couple to assist them in healing wounds, developing new skills, and growing individually and together.

   Pre-marital counseling is a great way to begin any marriage. Premarital counseling is a type of relationship therapy that helps prepare couples to enter into a long-term commitment. This type of counseling focuses on helping couples develop a strong and healthy relationship before marriage and identify any potential problems that might lead to issues down the road.

   In pre-marital counseling, we look at different core areas of the relationship such as communication, conflict-resolution, spiritual beliefs, roles, and finances and learn how to resolve any current conflicts as well as how to avoid potential pitfalls. We utilize the Prepare/Enrich program to give a clear assessment of any potential areas of concerns for the relation in order to be proactive instead of reactive about the health of the relationship. 

   We also offer marital counseling for all areas of concern. Some areas that our clinicians specialize in are:
healing from infidelity, conflict resolution, communication issues, parenting/family concerns and
conflict, anger and forgiveness. We also enjoying walking alongside couples who want to be pro-active in their relationship as they grow marriage and grow together.

LTC also offers Marriage Intensives. Please contact the office for more details!


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