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Loving Couple


Whether you are motivated by growth, prevention, or repair, a marriage/couples intensive can provide the support and tools you and your partner are needing. Get the support and help that your relationship needs now without having to wait a week or more between sessions. Weekly sessions may take months to see improvement, and sometimes you can lose traction and start repeating old destructive patterns in between. Intensives eliminate the problem of your session ending right when you are getting somewhere and provides time to dig deeper into specific problem areas or concerns so you can experience the relief you and your partner deserve.


Advantages or Benefits?

  • Go deeper: Understand your relationship strengths as well as growth areas. Improve your emotional connection and intimacy as you deepen your appreciation of one another.

  • Gain more healing and accomplish more in a shorter amount of time

  • Gain greater tools to support your relationship growth

  • Experience less travel time and less frequent sessions

  • Less time interrupting your day-to-day life

  • Make big changes in your relationship and gain sustainable momentum  


THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU: You actively have thoughts, a plan, and a way to carry out a plan to harm yourself or others. (Please call 911 immediately if this is the case).-domestic violence and/or an active affair for one or both partners-Have self-medication issues (drugs/alcohol use) that would impair your ability to give your attention to your relationship during the intensive-You are unwilling to open your mind and heart to take a different look at yourself, your partner, and your relationship

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